The ministry of Rippling Hope plans, leads, sponsors, and helps to resource Mission Trip Projects in a variety of settings around the country. These projects are available for individuals, congregations and other organizations (colleges, businesses, fraternities, sororities, and many more organizations).

Through work projects experienced first hand and relationships formed on mission trips, people of all ages will learn that by reaching out to their sisters and brothers in need, they will not only change their lives, but also will powerfully effect the lives of those they serve.

With our many partnerships, our goal will be to serve the least---the lost---the lonely. We will connect and assist those who have the resources to partner with those who need help. We will be instruments of hope for those who despair due to the circumstances of their lives--to those that are effected by injustice, poverty and disaster. For the many who despair because they feel that there is nothing they can do to make a difference in the world, Rippling Hope provides opportunities to learn that there is indeed something positive they can do, and our projects help them experience the joy and hope that comes from service.

Rippling Hope will provide participants the opportunity to learn that through lives of service a person makes a great difference in the world. People will be given the chance to explore God's call to service in their own life, and what it means to live out "loving their neighbor"

Rippling Hope offers year round service opportunities in Detroit. People of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Youth groups are encouraged and one adult leader per 7 youth is recommended. Weeklong, weekend and one day opportunities are available. For more information about our current service opportunities or to register your group, click the buttons below.


Rippling Hope is looking for interested young adults (19-24) to serve as summer interns in Detroit this summer. This is an opportunity to be a part of our leadership team working with volunteers doing minor home repairs, and also generally providing leadership to create an exceptional mission experience for the volunteers. Come be part of a life changing experience in Detroit! If you are interested in finding out more, or being considered for a position, please contact, Carl Zerweck, Executive Director, 512-619-0575 or

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By Mail: Rippling Hope - P.O. Box 27499 - Detroit, MI  48227

By Phone: 512-619-0575    or     313-704-1230

Contact Us
512-619-0575 or 313-704-1230
Rippling Hope - P.O. Box 27499 -
Detroit, MI 48227

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